A rare man with an ordinary internal fortitude

Z.T. Fomum was exceptional in many domains. He was a University professor, a scientist, a world teacher on prayer, and a man of most unusual spiritual experiences. He was a team leader and apostle of a successful missionary work and movement.
He was also a leading voice for revival. He was a workaholic and loving in his personal relationships in an unusual way and drew to himself men and women of girth and great gifts in life-long relationships and commitment to a cause.
PhD with a superior performance

PhD with a superior performance

Awarded in 1973
Doctor of Science from Great Britain

Doctor of Science from Great Britain

Awarded in 2005

"If Jesus had to depend totally on God in prayer to succeed,
then, he who thinks he can succeed without prayer is greatly seduced."

Zacharias T. Fomum

a man of uncommon spirituality, a leading voice for revival, a workaholic, a prophet-teacher, and a world-shaping spiritual genius